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AT&T’s Anti-Infringement Patent

Network surveillance is a persistent issue that privacy advocates warn about on a regular basis. In the face of Edward Snowden’s disclosures, the public has often been concerned about how, when, and why corporations disclose information to policing, security, and intelligence services. Codenamed projects like PRISM, NUCLEON, and MAINWAY, combined with the shadowy nature of […]

Thoughts on COUNTER: Counterfeiting and Piracy Research Conference

Generally the research presented was well-rooted in (what appear to be) rigorous methodological techniques, and perhaps this research might be adopted and leveraged by policymakers in their ongoing engagements with copyright, content producers, and the public. My expectations, however, are less positive: I fear that the work of the COUNTER research project will remain sheltered in academia, sequestered from the public, and consequently ineffective in reshaping the copyright debacle in but the most limited of fashions. Hopefully this is a case where academia can successfully puncture the academic/public divide and breech the public policy debate, but I’m not holding my breath.

Will Copyright Kill eHealth?

Should we be developing laws the prop up questionable current-day business models of major content producers at the potential expense of wasting billions in public infrastructure upgrades, or should government be taking a longer view of things and start siding with both citizens and their own allocation of infrastructure dollars?

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