The First Post – Embarking on a New Voyage

This blog is part of a series of projects that I’m currently embarking on. My thesis topic is ensuring that a great deal of my research is in the philosophy of technology, but many of my sources for it are explicitly grounded in the empirical domain. While technical abstraction is fine and good, being a generalist about technology when writing philosophy is a poor second to writing about technology generally while having an understanding of its inner workings.

It is in this light that I recently purchased a two-year contract with Dreamhost so that I could learn about how to create and work in a full-fledged wiki, use wordpress, and become familiar with how cascading style sheets and other elements of web design operated. The learning curb is (significantly!) uphill, but I’m confident that the challenges will provoke me to learn, rather than dissuade me.

As noted in the ‘About’ section, this blog is ‘semi-personal’. This means that, while I will be writing about events, objects, and theories that matter to me, I will not be writing about events in my daily life. This isn’t to prevent any potential readers from knowing about who I am, but to create a divide between the strictly personal, and not-so-personal, aspects of my life.

I will be updating this blog on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This blog is powered by WordPress and is using the Ocadia theme without any modifications.