Unscheduled Broadcast

I’ve recently been accepted to present at a conference for incoming TAs to my university. I’m giving a talk for over an hour on Web 2.0, it’s possibilities, and pitfalls. Obviously I’m going to be going nuts building up information to provide, but does anyone have anything that I *need* to be talking about? The current list is going to include things like blogging, wiki’s, and online data archival tools.

I’m going to have a 100% captive audience, and lots of time, so your ideas and suggestions would be extremely appreciated!

One thought on “Unscheduled Broadcast

  1. Hi Christopher – I see you have already seen some of the links I may have provided you with in terms of Web 2.0.

    My biggest suggestion would be to remember to have a discussion around the need to balance Web 2.0 with other learning strategies. I talk about that a bit in a few of my more recent posts, and Kevin Sandridge talks about it as well in Web 2.0: Embrace the Past and Create the Future.

    Have fun with it, stay balanced 🙂


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