New RSS feed, ‘Worth Reading’

Like most people who are active online, I read a lot off the web, and there isn’t any way for me to analyze and critique much of what I’m reading on this site; I touch on items here and there, but I can’t be systematic on many topics. For some time I’ve used delicious to tag articles, and all of those tags are available to anyone who’s interested in using them to comb through my bookmarks. This said, it was recently pointed out that I have a foolish number of tags (they’re there so that *I* can cull articles based on tag-based query) which makes navigating my delicious stream…unpleasant.

Given my own temporal limitations and the critique of my tagging system, I’ve added an RSS feed titled ‘Worth Reading‘ to the right-hand side of the site, over beside the blogroll. The feed just follows the ‘ttt‘ tag from my delicious stream (ttt=Technology, Thoughts, and Trinkets) and will provide subscribers with articles, blog posts, news pieces, and academic papers that relate to topics often written about here (i.e. security, copyright, deep packet inspection, p2p, social networking, etc) as well as articles on the academy that are useful and/or thought provoking. I’m not digging through my archive to identify items for this feed – time constraints and sanity preclude this – but will be tagging anything relevant to this space so it’ll show up in the RSS.

Hope it’s useful and/or interesting. Feedback is always welcome!

2 thoughts on “New RSS feed, ‘Worth Reading’

  1. I struggle with my tagging habits as well. For one, I use these systems to keep track of stuff in a way that makes sense to me. But in the back of my mind I am aware that when I tag something, it is also an act of sharing with a larger community.

    In the end, delicious is where I stuff most of my tagged content and I use tags based on my personal organization in delicious. If I feel strongly that I want to share the article, I tend to use Twitter or the share functions of GReader to make sure it gets shared with my network.


  2. That sounds similar to what I do; key reason for the ‘new’ (if it can still be called new) RSS feed is to provide links to good stuff that I just can’t deal with. I know a few people are finding it useful, and adding the ‘ttt’ tag to items in delicious on relevant items is so easy that there’s (effectively) no work in providing the feed.

    Hopefully now that my 8 month period of exam punishment is over, I’ll be able to both write AND update that feed a little more regularly 😛


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