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Administrative Note: Away for a While

gonefishingI’m off to Ontario to attend the Summer Surveillance Studies Workshop at Queen’s University for the next little while, so there will be far fewer posts than I’ve been producing of late. There is a good one thinking about conceptualization of privacy that’ll be posted in my absence while I’m away, which sees me continuing to reflect on the challenges of developing privacy theories against the ‘pragmatic realities’ of contemporary virtualized life. I hope you enjoy it.

Be back a while!

Site Overhaul

200811111532An administrative note: I’ve overhauled the general structure of my web space. I’m starting to use wordpress as a semi-content management system, and I’m actually pretty pleased with what I’m seeing now. If you find that something is broken, or just want to comment on if you love/hate the look, let me know.

Away For a Bit

messageashI’m heading out of town for about a week, and after that am in the middle of a final review of my MA thesis. As a result, my posts are going to be less regular – I’ll try to post some items, but this blog is going to be reasonably dark for the next little bit

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