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Solved: Bluetooth Devices Not Connecting to OSX

Apple Wireless KeyboardI’ve exclusively used Bluetooth devices to connect to my docked MacBook Pro for many, many months. It’s been a blissful period of time…one that came to a crashing halt this morning. After spending an aggravating period of time getting things working, I wanted to share with the Internet broadly (one) solution to getting both an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Mouse (re)paired with OS X. I will note that I first ‘lost’ my Magic Mouse, and after a restart of my computer subsequently was unable to pair my Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard.


After months of blissful Bluetooth connectivity, I’ve awoken to discover that neither my Magic Mouse nor my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard are properly pairing. First my Magic Mouse failed to scroll, which led me to remove the Magic Mouse and attempt to pair it to my computer again. This attempt failed. I then rebooted my computer, and was still unable to pair my computer and Magic Mouse. After another restart, my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard was also unable to be be used as an input device with my computer. It is important to note that, while the Bluetooth Device Manager reported this failure to pair, both devices are reported as ‘connected’ under the Bluetooth icon in the OX X menu bar. Neither device, at this point, is responding to any input.


  1. Delete This file is found at HD/Library/Preferences.
  2. Turn off Bluetooth on your Mac. This is done by clicking the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and selecting ‘Turn Bluetooth Off’.
  3. Unplug input-based USB devices (e.g. any USB mice, keyboards, Wacom tablets, etc).
  4. Shut down computer. Do *not* restart, but do a full shut down.
  5. Turn off your Bluetooth devices.
  6. Boot computer.
  7. Turn Bluetooth on.
  8. Begin pairing devices. This involves clicking: Bluetooth icon in menu bar >> Set up Bluetooth Device >>  Select Bluetooth device >> Follow on-screen instructions. In the case of your keyboard, I would suggest pressing the ‘Enter/Return’ button several times after entering the passphrase shown on your screen.

This should result in your devices being reconnected.

What May Have Provoked/Complicated My Problem:

Shortly before I had this issue with my Bluetooth devices, I updated my MagicPrefs app. This application is meant to give more complete functionality to your Magic Mouse, and to Apple’s new Magic Trackpad as well. Suspecting this might be driving my problem, I removed both applications by:

  1. Quitting MagicPrefs by clicking on its icon in the menu bar and selecting ‘Quit’.
  2. Drag (found in your Applications folder) to the trash.
  3. Open the Preference pane, right-click on Magic Prefs and select ‘Remove MagicPrefs Preference Pane.’ Do the same for the Magic Menu item in the Preferences pane.

I removed these applications prior to the above written solution. This may, or may not, be required to resolve the Bluetooth pairing problem; I haven’t investigated any correlation between the MagicPrefs application and my problem, but felt it valuable to note this element of my troubleshooting process.


  1. adrideh

    This is A GREAT TIP !…. Thanks a lot, you have saved my day….

    • Linda

      Thank you so much, I was dreading going to the apple store to have this figured out. You saved the day with this. I was at my witts end.

      • Christopher

        Happy to help!

        • Chris Howard

          Dear Christopher,
          Thanks for this tip, I’m sure it has helped a lot of people, but sadly not myself. My problem is that although my Bluetooth headphones pair up no problem, they have to be re-paired every time I wish to use them, my MacBook Pro seems to forget them. Any idea on how I improve its memory?
          Any help gratefully received.
          Chris Howard

          • Christopher

            Hi Chris,

            The first thing that comes to mind is trying to delete the plist associated with your bluetooth settings and then, upon pairing things again, see if that helps (it’s worked for me in the past). I’ve also run into pairing issues when I’m (a) at an ‘odd’ angle from the bluetooth receiver in my mac (older macs seem worse than the newer ones) (b) when the batteries on the attached device run below 50%.


          • Marius

            I have the same problem, but I found rebooting my Mac solves this (at least initially)… so I don’t have to re-pair (which is more work as a lot of configured applications forget about the device).

            Argh. I wish Apple would fix this! It seems to happen on quite a number of manufacturers of headphones, whereas my headphones work flawlessly with other devices.

          • Ruby Umm Khalid

            I can’t even start up my mac as I can’t log in the passwords (keyboard wont connect), so how do I get to the menu bar? Im still stucked with a non-responding keyboad ???? Help

          • JF

            Hi Christopher,
            I followed the procdeure but for some reason, on reboot, the previously connected devices appear in my bluetooth enabled devices list. And I still can<t add my headphones, which is why I was trying the procedure oyu proposed. any idea why the devices still show at reboot and I can't add another device?

        • Devapria

          Thank you. Question: do I delete all the Bluetooth plists? I have three…
          One says ‘lock’ at the end, and the other ‘copy’.
          Thanks for your help. Greatly appreciated!

    • CYS

      I’m a PhD student in Computer Science….but I couldn’t connect my mouse after changing batteries!! So embarrasing! Your advice was extremely helpful. Thank you.

      • Doc MacIan

        OK, this did not work for me.
        the basics: MacBook Pro 2011 10.6.8 and 10.10.5 (2 partitions) iPad 4 (9.3.5), iPhone 5 9.3.5 Bluetooth Keyboard with 3 batteries (been using rechargeable batteries just fine for years, went and got three different sets of Alkaline batteries. (Connected Magic mouse to see charge and they are 99%))

        I have trashed bluetooth ,plist, repaired permissions, zapped PRAM, SCM reset, opened in Safe Mode,

        My keyboard is seen by all the devices. The iPad and iPhone both “know” its name. The Macbook which was never paired only get that which is 00-1d-4f-a6-7c-91 (if that helps)

        I have tried taking out batteries and pressing the power button on the keyboard (this actually worked once years ago. It will “reset” and get rid of any residual electricity trapped in the keyboard), fresh batteries, start bluetooth, pair device, sees keyboard but pairing fails.

        I have done soft restarts on phone and ipad and they can see the keyboard and even knows its name, have done forget this device on both.

        So everyone can see the keyboard, which to me means the keyboard and bluetooth are working. Keyboard goes into flashing mode (discoverable-pairing mode)

        and fails
        I am ready for any suggestions

        • Josh Cripps

          EXACT Same issue here, which is what led me to this site. Any resolution yet?

      • INGRID

        Finding the plist for bluetooth seems TOTALLY MISSING…YOU CANNOT USE THE FIND.

        • Nigel

          Hold down the Option key while in the Finder tab menu. Under “Go,” you will see “Library” (only while holding down the Option key, if you stop pressing the key, “library” will disappear). Select “Library.” In the Finder window, under Library, open the “Preferences” folder. Bluetooth.plist is located therein. Hope that helps. The whole hidden library thing is a nasty little trick by Apple.

          • Evie

            Hi, I have a late 2013 iMac with Mojave and indeed this file does not exist in the Preferences folder. There is only only file with the ‘Bluetooth” word in its filename: Is this the one we should delete?

          • kristel


            I cannot find Bluetooth.plist in my folder. I could only see BluetoothExplorer and Bluetoothfileexchangelist.

    • Casey

      Thanks Christopher, you legend!

    • Gdog

      This solved my problem thank you! My laptop wasn’t connecting to my bluetooth head phones or speaker but this tip fixed it!

  2. gabriel

    thank you man, I was really mad about it. Have deleted that file, disconnected bluetooth, shut down the mac, disconnected USB keyboard and USB mouse (microsoft ones, hehehe), restarted the computer, the Keyboard works normally not the mouse, this was found and paired automatically, I’ve only had to click “continue” and Whoala!! keyboard and mouse working again. THANKS

    • Christopher

      Glad to have helped! 🙂

  3. Stuart

    Thanks for your advice Christopher. I have linked to this post on my blog:

    • Christopher

      Thanks – appreciate the link. Glad that I could help towards fixing the problem!

  4. Tanya

    You are AWESOME! What an easy fix. Thanks so much for posting.

  5. Mark

    Instant repair!! Thank you so so much! Saved me a long wait at the apple store!

  6. Ricky

    Worked for me! I will direct anyone with a similar issue (lot of mac using friends) to your site.

    • Christopher

      Thanks, and glad to hear it worked!

  7. Gustavo Arce

    Thank so much!

    • Christopher

      Glad to have helped!

  8. Jennie

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    • Christopher

      Glad I could be of assistance!

  10. Tony

    Tried everything without success but this suggestion worked for me!

  11. Jerry Hildebrand

    Thanks, Christopher! Followed your procedure and, voila, it worked like a charm. Now that the magic mouse problem is solved, I could use some advice on why my iMac intel (late 2009), with Lion, is constantly freezing and will not shut down unless the power button is held. Repair disk permissions seems to work, but eventually the freezing returns.

    • Christopher

      I have a Macbook Pro that has the same problem, and disk permissions always seem to resolve things. I *think* (note emphasis!) that it has to do with how Lion (and its predecessor) move into hibernation mode. I’m guessing that it’s not stepping the power down properly, which is leading to disk problems, which in turn means that the computer won’t shut off. Are you turning off the computer after each use, or letting the device got to sleep/hibernate?

  12. ck88

    I get a message that says this configuration of mac osx and bluetooth software could be invalid or unsupported

  13. Alexandre

    Nice! Excellent tip!

  14. Luc


    I had the same message as ck88 had, after losing mouse and keyboard after the battery went flat on the mouse.

    This walkthrough fixed it.

  15. Spenze

    Really appreciate it!!

  16. andre

    Thank you so much. This worked perfectly. I had a lousy morning as I had to use a mouse for over 4 hours (couldn’t delete the .plist file via ForkLift; finally remembered that even though I never use it, Finder still exists and deleted the file there). My day has improved significantly!

  17. Virginia

    MagicPrefs was causing me a very bad window focus problem, but that was several OS “upgrades” ago. I wouldn’t touch it personally.

    But I keep an alternate mouse (USB wireless) on my desk because I lose my Magic Mouse regularly when a) I turn it off to recharge the mobi rechargeable or b) I forget to recharge and have to insert batteries. It almost never reconnects on its own, so I have to put batteries into the other mouse, open System Prefs and reconnect the MM. It’s so annoying and I was just searching to see if I could put the MM icon either on the dock or the menubar just to cut down on some steps.

  18. Kristofer Selbekk

    Thanks for a great and well-written guide. Made my bluetooth problems go away like that 😉 I love the internet, you can like… find everything here! =)

    • Christopher

      Glad it helped! 🙂

  19. Novita

    That worked great! My bluetooth mouse & keyboard were working one second and then suddenly stopped… this was an easy fix. Thanks!

  20. Dave


    I owe you a beer. Knocked my mouse off the desk to the floor, no obvious damage but it no longer worked. Plugged in the old wired mouse and proceeded to order a new one; then realized the keyboard quit working, too. They showed up connected, but no pairing. Cleaned (Onyx), restarted, and restored the mini with no luck. Found this tip and hey hey, you made my day. Cancelled the order for the new mouse.

    Thanks a million.

    PS: I have a brewery in my basement, so I’m serious about the beer. ;>)

  21. Mark in Seattle

    Thanks for your post. For others looking for solutions to delayed OSX v10.8x desktop responsiveness on the keyboard and mouse. Christopher’s post corrected our situation.

    My wife’s new 2013 iMac with OSX Mt Lion started taking many minutes to boot to the desktop but once there for an additional 5 to 8 minutes both the keyboard and mouse were locked and non-responsive. This occurred even when bluetooth keyboard and mouse were replaced with wired versions. Very strange and frustrating. Our own troubleshooting and a call to Apple Care could not resolve the problem. I noticed in the system.log file references to “KCGErrorInvalidConnection… with cryptic references to bluetooth, which lead us to Christopher’s post. Following his procedure and reestablishing the iMac’s link to the bluetooth track pad and keyboard cleared both our slow boot and input device issues. System works fine now with wired or wireless input devices.

  22. MANDI miles

    You have saved me. Seriously. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what happened to my keyboard and mouse. I read way too many responses in various forums. None helped [especially the ones that were over my head :)]. This was easy to understand and it worked. Thanks so much!

    • Christopher

      Happy that my solution was able to help 🙂

  23. cassie

    This is probably a ridiculous question but how does one “shut down” the computer with out the use of a mouse or keyboard (disconnected USB and shut off bluetooth first…)

    • Christopher

      Hi Cassie,

      You can either use a wired keyboard or mouse (if you have one) or could manually power off the Mac (using a long-press on the power button).


  24. Nicola Quinn

    Bless you, this has been driving me mad for ages. Whenever my mouse batts died I needed a restart to reconnect it to my imac though this time neither the mouse nor keyboard connected on a restart and your solution sorted it out. Saved a lot of frustration on a very busy day, thanks eternally 🙂


    • Christopher

      Glad that it helped 🙂

  25. SplOo

    Ok, noob question. How do I turn Bluetooth back on without a USB connected mouse?

  26. s3e3

    Thank you – this was the only tip that worked for this issue for me.

  27. aditya

    Hello Christopher

    I have had this problem of mouse not responding for about 4 to 6 minutes just like “Mark in Seattle” (Feb 19 2013). Tried your suggestion 3 times over – word to word – and still stuck up with same problem. What could be wrong ?

    Everything was OK till 2 days back when I upgraded to OSX 10.8.4. This problem is same whether use wireless mouse and keyboard or wires mouse and keyboard or any combination of the two. After initial hang up of 4 to 6 minutes, everything works fine.

    I am sure you or someone could help me without me having to re-install the OS X again.

    • Christopher

      Hi @aditya – sorry for the delay. I’ve been away from a secured connection for a while.

      If you’re having a problem with both wired and wireless, then I’d suggest booting into recovery mode. If you can’t get that working – if you can’t even use the keyboard during the bootup phase – then I’m at a loss for where to go.

  28. Mark

    Thanks! Worked like a charm!

  29. Clay

    this is my only hope. I’ll give it a shot.

  30. Clay

    I did everything your article said and gave me the runaround. I am so fed up with Apple. this is ridiculous. they should fix these issues and not us ourselves.

    • Christopher

      Sorry that this didn’t work for you

  31. Alex

    Thanks a lot! Worked for my Bluetooth Keyboard and MacBookAir.

    • Christopher

      Glad that it solved your problem 🙂

  32. harri

    Many thanks for this tip. This has been driving me mental for a couple of days…..I did not have the file in my library preferences folder, I only had I deleted this one, and all working fine now

  33. Terry

    Thank you! This happened out of the blue today without making any changes to the Powerbook Pro.

    Your fix worked perfect.

    It worked without deleting MagicPrefs.

  34. David thomas

    my dude, thank you for this walkthrough. I’ve combed these damn apple forums and nothing….then just as I’m frustrated to the point of almost tossing out my entire computer, I stumble upon this page, and voila, we have things working again. Cheers to you my brethren

  35. allen q

    after 4 years this guide still works! thanks a bunch been struggling with this for the past three days!

  36. ras

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  37. Brian

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  39. Vanya

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    that Solution help me connect mm 450-x with out problems

  40. LittleHoopoe

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  41. iammac

    I just bought a Cintiq Companion Hybrid. I attempted your suggestions, but when my tablet connects, it shows connected on the tablet, but in my system prefs, it says not connected, unless I tx a file, then it goes right back to not connected.

    Any ideas?

  42. Dan Mosier

    I’m glad this is still up, four years after you posted it. Saved my ass after two hours of apple support forums, etc. Thanks!

    • Christopher Parsons

      Great to hear! 🙂

  43. Maddy

    Solution worked 🙂
    Thanks a ton

  44. June huuha

    Thanks, it still works and so easy to do!

    This solution should be in Apples forums too. I spent many hours in despair, and I was already going to buy a new keyboard before I found this article.

  45. Tejas

    You sir , saved me so much of time and effort 🙂

    Thank you so much

  46. DonCarlos

    After reading solutions that ranged from OWC shielding fix to many others….this solution worked immediately for my 2012 mac mini. Thanks

  47. je jeongmindf

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    I’m looking for this info for three hours in all korean web site.
    But, I coundn’t find it.
    I found this page for one minute only in english site.

    Thanks so much Mr. Christopher and Google~

  48. -Y-

    You saved my day, thank you !

  49. Tracy

    That worked, thank you:)

  50. Tim Simpson

    No good, I’m afraid. I’ve tried everything I can think of or find.

    My Mac Mini running OS 10.10.3 recognises my new Apple wireless keyboard but won’t pair to it. Looks like another long, tedious wait at the Mac store.

    Any further clues from anyone would be welcome.

  51. Steve R-C

    The problem seems to be in my Mac-Mini. The bluetooth keyboard will pair just fine. The Magic Mouse most of the time and the Magic Trackpad, not at all. It used to, but no longer. These devices will pair with both the desktop and the laptop, but not the Mini. Somewhere there was mention of a code for the trackpad, but I can’t bring up that screen again and don’t remember where I saw that in the first place. Oh, and the Mini will “see’ the device, just not connect with it.

  52. Ken B

    Happy to say that it totally soved my issue, even on our “legacy” Macbook. Thanks!

  53. Ken B

    Happy to say that it totally solved my issue, even on our “legacy” Macbook. Thanks!

  54. Peter Payne

    This just saved me a ton of frustration. Thank you!

  55. BIll Nichols

    Excellent, worked! Thx!

    This one should be spread around on a few boards or something. .. or even added to the Apple support pages (in my dreams) …

  56. Marvin R.

    Thank you so much for this tip. It resolved my problem connecting my MC keyboard, MM and M Trackpad. However, I deleted not the exact file name mentioned here, instead I deleted the file instead the only. I was hesitant to delete it at first but I just took my chance not to screw even more. Thankfully it worked and I successfully paired all of my devices back to normal.

    • Leanne

      yes this worked for me deleting as I didn’t have
      When I rebooted my Mac, I paired my keyboard back successfully

    • Brian Sheets

      This was my concern for a long while, as well. I finally decided to risk it because of how frustrating this Bluetooth issue has been .
      I haven’t seen Christopher respond to this yet. I’m hoping he’ll either confirm or correct us.

  57. Orlin

    thank you!

  58. David


    I was really unhappy in last days, couldn’t connect my BT speaker anymore.. this is the only thing that seemed to help…

  59. catt

    Unfortunately with all the steps, upon turning Mac back on, I cannot figure out how to turn my bluetooth back on- I went into preferences, the button is grayed out & the icon in my toolbar says not available, etc.

    I tried to put the plist back, but it already has another one in there, from preferences- my guess. Not completely technically literate here 😉

    el capitan desktop mac 2008

    Any other advice? Thanks so much!

  60. diane

    Worked, thanks a lot. So when I was in the library file I noticed there are 100s of files etc. Can these all be deleted to make other things work better too or are some files necessary?

  61. Prod

    I unable to connect my bluetooth speaker to my PC. The speaker is being discovered as a wireless speaker. I still can go ahead and add that as a bluetooth device. However, it does not play any sound. Could you please advise? Thanks much for your help in advance.

  62. k

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    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for writing this article. It solved my problem.

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    Hi guys,

    My is “locked” and I cannot delete it to follow these steps to connect my mouse. I’m feeling super frustrated at this point if anyone had any further guidance that would be amazing. 🙂

  65. Kal

    I have a Motorola Whisper bluetooth that was pairing just fine with my Macbook Pro and then one day it stopped. It would connect but wouldn’t pair. Been driving me nuts for almost a week. Your instructions worked. I had to do it a few times but it finally worked. Thank you!!

  66. Steamin' Stan

    Awesome info…Worked like magic!!!!!
    Your post is an absolute “sticky classic”…(I say as I’m bowing).

  67. rez

    hmmm… how do you get past the login prompt if your kybd is not connected – in case you don’t have a wired kybd handy?

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    I wish you had an ad in the sidebar of this page so you could get some recompense for these past SIX YEARS of saving our butts!! Thanks so much.

    Do you know WHY this problem arises, though, and why the solution works? I was curious.

    Thanks again!

    • Christopher Parsons

      There’s always an option to donate a small but of money via the sidebar on the left 😉

  70. David

    Step #4 Made all the difference. Thank you so much!!!! (Shut down computer. Do *not* restart, but do a full shut down.)

  71. Chris Peterson

    Same problem here however, I cannot get past my logon screen in order to execute your solution. I didn’t do any updates lately.

  72. Brett

    This was the only thing that fixed my MX Master Mouse from going ballistic connecting and re-connecting to my mac running macOS Sierra (unexpectedly for the first time) today. Thanks so much!

  73. crescojeffsrc

    I encountered a similar issue on OS X 10.10.5 wherein my AGPTEK bluetooth headset would intermittently fail to connect to my mac mini, and even when it successfully connected it wasn’t recognized as an audio sink. I was able to solve this problem without a shutdown/reboot cycle, as follows:
    1. Delete /Library/Preferences/ (after making a backup copy)
    2. Power-off the headset
    2. Turn off Bluetooth/Turn on Bluetooth on the mac
    3. Open Bluetooth preferences, click the ‘x’ beside my AGPTEK headset’s entry under ‘devices’
    4. Power-on the headset
    5. Wait for mac’s Bluetooth scan to discover the headset, and then select pair

    I suspect step 3 might be all that was required, since this should facilitate a fresh pairing action as opposed to a re-pair.

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  78. Mike Sutherland

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    I was trying to set up my new bluetooth headphones to my macbook and followed your steps (along with many other different methods on various websites), but unfortunately now my mac isn’t even finding my phone (it did before), whereas my phone is finding both my mac and the new headphones without issue, so I know the problem lies firmly with the macbook. I am running the latest OSX. Any ideas how I can fix this?

    Thanking you in advance.

  79. Greg D

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    Thank you Christopher! Seven years later, your suggestion of deleting the bluetooth .plist fixed the problems I’ve been suffering with connections to a Logitech keyboard and mouse. Cheers!

    • Mike Bach

      Same here! Many thanks Christopher! Seven years later and Apple still hasn´t fixed the issue…

  82. Matt

    Good tip, worked for me. For what it’s worth, I didn’t need to do the full shut down and all that… deleting the file at /Library/Preferences/, turning off bluetooth, and pairing again worked just fine.

  83. Gina Schultz

    Thank you Mr. Parsons. Just found your solution and after some struggling to find the aforementioned file (finder -> go->gotofile-> search~/library). It worked brilliantly. Happily reconnected. We owe you a pint!!

  84. Paul McRae

    Thanks! This worked for me. Delete the plist file, shutdown, boot, and add Hesh 2 Skull Candy bluetooth headphones.

    I didn’t have to re-add my keyboard and mouse — those just worked.

  85. Stefan

    This fixed my problem instantly. Thanks so much for the tip!

  86. Don K.

    Thanks. Your solution worked. But the order of the steps should obviously be changed.

    For instance: Step 4, “Shut down computer, Do not restart, but do a full shut down.” Here’s the problem: you can’t do step 4 because you don’t have a working mouse if you’ve already done step 2 (turn off bluetooth… resulting in no bluetooth mouse) and step 3 (unplug mouse and keyboard… resulting in no wired mouse). Obviously the steps have to be rearranged.

    Here’s another step problem: in Step 4 you suggest to shut down the computer. In Step 6 you suggest to boot the computer. And in between Step 4 and 6 is Step 5 suggests to turn off Bluetooth devices. How are you supposed to do that, turn Bluetooth off, if the computer is shut down. Again, obviously the steps have to be rearranged.

    I don’t mean to nit pick your solution and I thank you for posting it. It worked for me. But only after I changed the order of your steps.

  87. Joyce

    Thank you! After struggling for several hours to try to establish connection to my Magic Mouse and to wireless earphones I found your solution by Googling, once I realized that the issue was with Bluetooth and not my devices. Deleting the Bluetooth preference worked like a charm! Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  88. Chris

    Having finally plucked up the courage to implement this fix (for a Magic Mouse failing to connect) I find that I cannot delete the file ‘’ and I cannot remove the check from the ‘locked’ panel.
    I’m running a 27″ iMac (mid 2011) on macOS High Sierra v10.13.2 and I have one external hard disk as a Time Machine back up and a second as archived data storage. My Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad (non-apple) are connected happily and whereas the Mac will recognise the Magic mouse, it will not connect.
    Can you tell me how to complete stage 1 of your solution and let there plist?

  89. Chris

    Sorry, poor proof reading – the final question should be about how to ‘delete the plist’

  90. Chris

    Please ignore the 2 previous posts. Having continued my trawl for information, I followed a tip to ‘drag the file to the trash can’. I tried it, it worked – as did the remainder of your solution – so now I’m magically mousing again.
    Thanks for the procedure

  91. william

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for some reason i couldn’t find my bluetooth headphones for some reason in the bluetooth managment after these steps i finally can connect to them

  92. David Hunter

    I have tried what you’ve said to no avail. I’m a bit of a ludite so it could be my fault. I have a 2010 MacBook Pro. Would you be willing to help me set up my Logitech MX Ergo Mouse? I have erased the bluetooth.plist file but and I rebooted my computer but my bluetooth still does not recognize the mouse. Thank you.

    • Kerri

      Im having the same problem – any luck?

  93. Ziga

    My MMouse that worked with an imac 24 will not connect to my new iMac 27.
    In your solution this is a bit confusing to me:
    3. Unplug input-based USB devices (e.g. any USB mice, keyboards, Wacom tablets, etc).
    4. Shut down computer. Do *not* restart, but do a full shut down.

    7. Boot computer.
    How do I shut down the computer if there in no mouse and no keyboard connected? With power button in the back? And how do I login if there is no keyboard connected? Tried to boot with nothing connected to USB but mouse still was not found before login 🙁

    • Christopher Parsons

      Fully power off the computer by holding the power button.

  94. Lud

    I cannot find:
    I only find:

    I cannot connect my Headset to mac, connection failed. Any advice please?


  95. JT

    I scrolled ALL the way to the bottom of 126 comments just to say thank you. This was driving me CRAZY.

    • Sarah Dawson

      Saaaaame! I tried so many other variations of this, but the hard shutdown was the key, I think. Everyone else says to restart…

  96. Zell

    Only solution I found despite this post being from 2010. Thank you for sharing!!

  97. Chuck

    I can’t find the plist to delete it!

  98. Sandy

    Thanks for all those tips. Unfortunately none of them worked for me.
    If you own a Sony headset, and have tried all the tricks above but still cannot pair your Sony headphones with your Macbook, this might help:
    This is for the WH1000XM3 but might work for other Sony headphones.
    Basically, you must use this if you have already paired your headset with another device (your phone for example)

  99. Sarah Dawson

    Thank you!! I haven’t been able to pair headphones EVER on this computer, but this tip helped me after trying again with Mojave installed. Kudos to you!!

  100. Mosh

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    Thank you so so so so so SO much.

  102. Rich Nicholas

    Wow! So happy to have found a link to this simple solution to a really irritating problem. I tried working with Samsung to find out why my very expensive AKG headphones wouldn’t work with my MacBook Pro, they sent me to Apple support, which was no help at all when I tried their fixes. Thank you so much for sharing!

  103. J

    Worked. Thank you!!

  104. Rachid

    Thanks, this solved my problem!

  105. bob

    Anyone have a solution to Bluetooth Explorer not running on 10.6.8? xcode and command line tools installed. It launches, but no windows open and I desperately want to use the Factory Reset option.

  106. Andrew Rankin

    fixed it for me wow thanks amazing holy ffffff

  107. Noctap0d

    Worked like a charm, thank you!! <3

    I was hesitant to try it since it was written in 2010, but it worked for me 2/8/2020 on my inherited 2013 15″ MBP that wasn’t connecting to my BT devices.

  109. Tony

    Hi everyone. If nothing listed above helped you, here is another solution I found.

    Just install the Windows 10 via the bootcamp assistant. On Windows 10, update the bluetooth drivers from the list of pre-set windows drivers (it’s an option when you click “Update manually”)

    Try to pair device(s) in windows. It should work.

    Then, reboot to macOS. Bluetooth works again.

    DO NOT DELETE WINDOWS. The problem may occur again and again. Just reboot to WIndows, pair any device, and boot into a macos again

  110. Brian Schwartz

    Thank you! Fixed this issue for me and was the only solution I found online that did!

  111. Pat Sawas

    Thanks, you’re a star! Been trying without success to connect my JVC-S31BT headphones unsuccessfully for so long and following your advice they connected immediately. Thanks again

  112. anna

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! suddenly my earbuds not connecting and now they do! thanks so very much.

  113. Valerie

    Thank you! It worked.

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